2D animation is an animation technique in which each frame is drawn by hand. The technique was the dominant form of animation in cinema until computer animation. The first 2D animation was released in 1908 called “fantasmagorie” by Emile Cohl. 20 years later, Walt Disney released the classic short “steamboat willie”.

Some popular 2D animation includes looney tunes, Bugs Bunny, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid. These animations were very much loved by kids in the 90s.

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3D animation, on the other hand, is an upgrade of 2D, it is created when three-dimensional computer models or objects are rapidly sequential to create the illusion of life-like motion. Examples of 3D animation include Toy Story, Frozen, and Shrek.
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3D Animation

The creative industry is very significant in Ghana’s development policies. Ghana’s arts include dance and music, plastic art( especially pottery and wood carving), gold and silverwork, and textiles. Most notably the richly coloured, handwoven kente cloth of the Akans.

Over the years Ghanaians have only warmed up to kumawood, zangowood, and Ghallywood explosions. They are examples of the growth in the business. Filmmakers like Socrates Safo estimate the movie industry at over GH 1bn per annum.

The idea of a creative economy revolving around the creative arts came to fire in the early 2000s. The concept is based on people using their creative imagination to add value to an idea. The creative economy is based on talent and skill. It encourages creativity at its best which will boost the economy.

In 90’s we saw an emergence of zingaro productions with the famous line “akwadaa wo ko he” which translated means child where are you going? Animations have been connecting people all over the world since 1908.

Today all over the world people communicate through animations, most young people have made a career out of animations.

With the likes of Poka studios. A group of animators released animation pictures of males and females meaning the Akan day-born names. They are now internationally known, and Nigerian artists employ their services.

Not forgetting Louis Appiah created the comic animation series in 2014. The series is about a character, Nazir, and the challenges he faces. It has been enjoyed by Ghanaians for many years.

Ghanaian music videos use animation to inspire creativity and diversity. Some musicians like chase, magnom, and Dark suburb used animations in their music videos. Ghanaian musicians have adopted animation as a way of getting fans’ attention.

Animation film festivals are held every year to support, promote and offer animations across Africa the opportunity to show their artistic abilities and also connect with themselves, share ideas and learn more about art.

Animation schools like wonderworld institute of creation are being established to train the upcoming young artist. Animation is a satisfying and lucrative profession. It attracts youngsters in droves towards it. Animators earn 4,290gh cedis in Ghana which is quite impressive.

Art is really becoming popular amongst the Ghanaian populace. Graffiti is used to influence society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. A vivid example of graffiti is the one at mallam junction overpass in which a girl in uniform and pregnant in the same artwork. It tells us that girls weren’t born to just make babies but to make a difference in the world through Learning.

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