I made a submit on grammatical mistakes and indeed I got some accolades which influenced me to make every other post on grammatical errors. Though English is not our lingual franca (mother tongue) but at the least learning the basic common errors in English won’t do you bad, however will rather decorate your talent in English.

Below are some grammatical mistakes we are saying comfortably not knowing they are wrong:

1: Happy belated birthday (wrong), Belated Happy birthday (correct)

2: My body is scratching me (wrong), My body itches(correct)

3: Letterhead paper (wrong), Letterhead(correct)

4: I’m no longer your mate (wrong), We’re not mates(correct)

5: You’re mannerless (wrong),You’re ill-mannered(correct)

6: Horn at the automobile in front (wrong), Honk at the automobile in front(correct)

7: I have a running stomach (wrong), you either say, I have a runny stomach(correct) or

I have an dissatisfied stomach(correct)

8: working Experience (wrong), Work Experience(correct)

9: I will sleep at 10 pm (wrong), I will go to bed at 10 pm (correct)

10; Just when I thought I actually have seen it all (wrong), Just when I thought I had seen it all(correct)

11: First come, First serve (wrong), First come, First served(correct)

12: Please dash me (now not correct), Please give me(correct)

13: I always have a running nose (wrong) your nose isn’t Usian Bolt, LOL! I have a runny nose(correct)

14: Night vigil (wrong), Vigil(correct)

15: Traveling bag (wrong), Travel Bag(correct)

14: As at when due (wrong)j+

As and when due(correct)

15:Be rest assured (WrongL Rest assured(correct)

16: Lacking behind (wrong) lagging behind(correct)

Crack your brain (wrong) How are you able to crack your brain? Rack your brain(correct)

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