Best Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

Are you a Ghanaian or in Ghana looking for a Job, how fast do you want to be recruited? how do you know the best recruitment agencies in Ghana?

Here, you have at your comfort zone the list of the best recruitment agencies in Ghana to apply to. Meeting the requirement of these agencies you can easily be employed working from home or in person.
Normally, companies send their Job openings to Job Agencies directly and as long as your Profile fits in the Job Description, you get the Job. Through these recruitment agencies in Ghana, many applicants have been employed and have tended to reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana.

Below is the list of best recruitment agencies in Ghana indicated in their regions.

Recruitment Agencies in Ghana - Ghanani
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Top 13 Best Recruitment Agencies in Accra, Ghana

  1. Job House Recruitment Agency Ghana
  2. Global Manpower Recruitment
  3. HIREGhana
  4. Rakes Recruitment Firm
  5. DAB Employment Agency Ghana
  6. Rectrain Recruitment Ghana
  7. Careers in Ghana
  8. Attache Ghana
  9. Successors World Limited
  10. BYF Recruitment and Consultancy services
  11. .Africa Manpower
  12. Era ITA Services
  13. Ghana HR Solutions

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Kumasi, Ghana

  1. Absolute HR Ghana Solutions & Technologies
  2. Herrlich Royal Services
  3. Proudpals Company Limited
  4. Sector jobs Recruitment and Employment Agency Ltd
  5. Danerst Employment Agency

Top 3 Recruitment Agencies in Takoradi, Ghana

  1. L’Aine Servies Limited
  2. Dasare Business Services
  3. Frantex Industrial Services

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Tema, Ghana

  1. Labour Power & Consultancy Ltd
  2. Inova Jobs Ltd
  3. Royal Employment Services
  4. Open Spaces Job Consult
  5. Platinum Jobs

Above is the list prepared by Ghanani to meet your requirements, How helpful was this post? Kindly share with us in the comment section, Thank you…

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