Floyd Mayweather to pay the funeral costs for George Floyd’s Family

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has offered to pay all the cost for George Floyd’s family as well as offering a celebration of life in several cities.

The death of George Floyd has sprouted a lot of demonstrations in most cities in America with some destroying properties and others loosing their lives as well.

George Floyd an unarmed black man passed on at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The death of George Floyd didn’t go well with a lot of many across the whole world and has thus brought about a campaign to see for justice for the innocent George Floyd who passed on in the hands of a police man some days ago.

People all over the world has vowed to seek for justice for George Floyd because of the way he struggled before he passed on the hands of the police official who didn’t show remorse after indulging in such an act of indiscipline.

Floyd Mayweather has than exceptionally well for coming to the aid of the family of George Floyd

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