Ghanaian Inventions that are Trending

Humans have lived in a world shaped by inventions, as the brain appears to be a natural inventor it helps us explain invention as the act of bringing ideas or objects together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before.

Day by day new ideas and results come out, and necessity, they say is the mother of inventions. Many inventions came out because it was needed, Meanwhile, other inventions were born as a result of serendipity.

Serendipity is unplanned fortunate discovery and occurs commonly in scientific discovery and product invention. It has played a prominent part in the discovery of many drugs and medical treatments, including vaccination, insulin to treat diabetes, penicillin, quinine, and Viagra.

Of course, other inventions were birthed through tests, mistakes, unawareness, and many other means but 90-95% of them came about as a result of necessity. A typical example is the carbon filament light bulb invented by Thomas Edison.

This invention was really a necessity because people needed to go about their night activities without passing through the stress of lighting candles or even gathering fireflies. Inventions turn to bring comfort and modernity.

Ghana is brimming with a rising new generation of bold, creative-thinking inventors and entrepreneurs who are much focused on bringing new things to portray to the world, here we talk about

3 Ghanaian Inventions that are trending

First, in this article, we have the Made in Ghana electric bike made with dead laptop batteries, this was invented by Lawrence Adjei, the Ghanaian inventor who is 26 years of age. This invention is turning heads up on Twitter, wow, indeed an amazing invention.

The bikes do not need any fuel and are environmentally friendly since they do not emit any gas. Lawrence Adjei’s bikes also double as mobile phone chargers. All you have to do is plugin with a cable into the bike’s port.

Another feature of this amazing invention is the remote on and off switch which can be operated using an app that is available on android mobile phones. Due to the current rise in prices of fuel, the world needs Lawrence Adjei’s electric bike, and also can be a substitute good.

Much investment into it will bring them on the streets of Ghana and therefore yield millions of cedis.

Another Ghanaian invention that is trending is the virus tracking device, it is invented by a Ghanaian nanoscientist called Dr. Eric Ashalley who works with the Institute of Industrial Research(IIR) under the council for scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). This device invented by Dr.Eric Ashalley has a way of detecting viruses, especially the Corona Virus, and also categorizing them.

This device also has an integrated GPS installed that allows the device to easily trace contacts. This device is currently in use. - News, tourism, culture and government

The virus tracking device

Last on this post is the Ceramic Filter for water filtration, This is a new invention by a Ghanaian ceramic company known as Tamakloe Ceramics. According to the Water Research Institute and the Microbiology Department of the University of Ghana Medical School, This product, is able to remove all kinds of microbes from samples of contaminated water from some villages for testing.

Also, according to the Water Research Institute, the homemade water filter completely removes every pathogen in the sample water collected and rendered it safe for drinking. All these said inventions are great and amazing and also need to be funded greatly by the government as it indicates one of the surest ways of wealth creation for the country.

These Ghanaian inventions are really making marks. Also, read on How Innovations are Solving Unemployment in Ghana

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