How Innovations are Solving Unemployment in Ghana

It is amazing How Innovations are Solving Unemployment in Ghana, innovation has helped greatly in curbing the unemployment situation in Ghana and also its effects.

Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that results in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. There are different definitions; a common element in the definitions is a focus on newness, improvement, and spread of ideas or technologies. Innovation is related to, but not the same as invention.

According to the 4th and most recent edition (2018) of the Oslo Manual, there are four main types of innovation, we have Organizational Innovation, Process Innovation, Marketing Innovation, and Product Innovation.

Unemployment on the other hand is the condition of one who is capable of working, actively seeking work, but unable to find any work. Innovations in Ghana seem to be curbing this situation and rather providing jobs to a large number of people. - News, tourism, culture and government

so without wasting much time and reading hours, let’s dive into the Ways or How Innovations are Solving Unemployment in Ghana

for instance taking the transport aggregator platform such as the Bolt app, Yango, and Taxify, a lot of youth has been employed through this innovation, making their platform accessible to legal people with the age above 21, one with a salon or Porche car can easily register or sign up with this company and start working with. With enough capital to buy a salon car, many have been employed in Ghana through this particular innovation.

Next, is the online platforms made available for marketing goods and services, these platforms are made available to anyone to sign up for free and sell their goods and services. Unlike Mepedan, this platform is made available for users to post their houses, hostels, lands, offices, and spaces to sell, rent, or lease.

This doesn’t only end there but also serves as a platform where users can sell building materials or anything pertaining to construction and buildings.

JiJi, baygh, and tonaton are also other online platforms for marketing products and services, they make their sites available for users to sell their products and services. All these innovations have helped in solving unemployment in Ghana. Many unemployed have made money through selling on this platform.

Note that these platforms have high traffic and tend to have more engagement from people all over and beyond the area, they operate. This makes it possible for one to easily meet more customers. A lot of youth in Ghana each and every day buy and sell from these platforms, making a lot of unemployed freelancers and self-employed.

Lastly, we talk about the transport courier services, during the pandemic, the demand for delivery services went high, this made more business courier services not only to be physically seen but to be online(digitalization), this innovation brought more job opportunities as the providers of the courier service wanted more people to work with. Examples are DHL Ghana Ltd, Emirad Express, FedEx Ghana, and many more.

With the above post, we could point out how these innovations are solving the employment in Ghana.

Ways in which innovations are promoted in Ghana

Through Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialisation(GIRC). The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation (MESTI) is heavily involved in promoting both research opportunities and funding the next great wave of Ghanaian technology to put the country on the cutting edge.

To that end, the newly established Ghana Innovation and Research Commercialisation (GIRC) Centre is already inspiring initiatives to introduce to the national parliament. Support for Ghana’s modernization and continued movement into the research effort has been given by the Science Granting Councils Initiative, which “aims to strengthen the capacities of 15 science granting councils in sub-Saharan Africa.” 

The GIRC Centre, to begin its ambitious scientific goals and in conjunction with the government of Ghana, will also be setting up a National Research Fund, into which financial backing measured by Ghana’s GDP will be introduced.

The fund aims to be all-inclusive and only has the pursuit of scientific development in its intentions; notably, equal disbursement, regardless of gender or disability.

Also Ghana Tech Lab, They are committed to equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary skills they require to increase their productivity. Ghana Tech Lab skills training sessions are based on well-developed curriculums.

They are not just about talking, but are about doing. Ghana Tech Lab programs take you through the fundamentals that you need to become a successful startup. From technical incubation to entrepreneurship programs, we are expanding knowledge and creating new startups. They also have scholarship programmes and provide support funds to talented but needy. - News, tourism, culture and government


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