English language is a general language spoken by many in many many ways English language has helped so many people for better communication and interaction. English language is also a core subject in various countries especially in Nigeria

Most of us make mistakes and blunders with way we construct sentences and names we call something. This article tells you of the right name of ‘chewing stick’

We all know this stick has been used from the ancient days even till date, it has been of good aid to us and has helped is in many ways especially for cleaning our teeth. Research made notice to us that this stick is best for cleaning teeth compare to brush I. E it cleans the teeth better than brush.

Now, here is the right word to call this stick

Its not called chewing stick ✖️

. Its called Teeth chewing twig or twig stick ✔

Health benefits of using Twig stick

. Fights Tooth Decay and Cavities

. Protects Against Tartar and Plaque

. Removes Bad Breath

. Protects And Strengthens The Gums

. Fights Bacteria And Germs

. Strengthens Teeth Enamel

So please avoid embarrassment and call it its right name. Hope this article was helpful, always remember to follow, like and share for more updates

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