Morocco’s Supreme Ulema Council Condemns Content of Film ‘The Lady of Heaven’

The Supreme Council of Ulema strongly condemns the content of the film ‘The Lady of Heaven’, which it said seeks to falsify Islamic facts.

A statement issued by the Supreme Council, under the Chairmanship of His Majesty King Mohammed VI rejected the contents of the film and described it as a “blatant falsification of established facts in Islamic history.”

The statement further noted that the person who wrote the film belonged to a Shiite current who was stripped of his Kuwaiti nationality for his extremist ideas.

According to the Supreme Council, “The film is a

blatant falsification of the facts and contains a heinous act that cannot be accepted by Muslims, namely for the incarnation of the Prophet, peace be upon Him.”

It added that the “film dared, with loathsome partiality, to use the person of Fatima Zahra, may Allah’s blessings be upon Her, the daughter of the Prophet, peace be upon Him, for purposes that are contrary to the spirit of religion and the reality of history.”

The statement noted that Fatima Zahra was well respected and honoured in the eyes of all Muslim men and women, hence such false allegations about Her ought not to be accepted.

Also, the “slander against Sidna Abi Bakr, may Allah’s blessings be upon him, who was the subject of the greatest testimonies from the Prophet, is part of the scandals in this film”, the statement added.

Morocco's Supreme Ulema Council Condemns Content of Film 'The Lady of Heaven'

The Supreme Council stated that those behind the film sought “fame and sensationalism, promotion of

their production, and the achievement of the largest number of viewers, by hurting the feelings of Muslims and stirring up religious sensitivities.”

Based on the misleading facts, the Supreme Council of Ulemas strongly condemned the content of the film and rejected the blatant falsification of established facts of Islamic history.

“This falsification of facts, which is detrimental to Islam and Muslims, is rejected by all people, because it does not serve their higher interests among nations, especially in these times”, it stressed.

The Council called upon the competent authorities to take all necessary measures in this regard.

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