It was recounted that the killer screamed “Goal!” after every shot, once for each time the South American football pundit said it during the transmission. Escobar was rushed to the hospital where he died 45 minutes later.

Humberto Castro Muñoz, a bodyguard for members of a powerful Colombian drug cartel, indicted for the killing of Escobar. Muñoz worked as a chauffeur for Santiago Gallón, who had allegedly lost heavily betting on the outcome of the game. He was pronounced guilty of Escobar’s murder in June 1995. He was sentenced to 43 years in prison. The sentence was later reduced to 26 years because of his submitting to the ruling penal code in 2001. Humberto was released on good behavior due to further reductions from prison work and study in 2005 after serving approximately 11 years. His three accomplices were acquitted.

There are claims that the Gallón brothers bribed the Prosecutor’s Office to redirect the investigation towards Muñoz as the shooter and the Prosecutor’s Office contends that Muñoz was only taking instructions from the Gallón brothers but DAs needed credible proof to convict them

Escobar himself provided the inspiration in how the country should improve from his murder. After Colombia’s World Cup exit, he said in an interview with a leading newspaper: ‘We only have two options: either allow anger to paralyze us and the violence continues, or we overcome and try our best to help others. It’s our choice.’

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