Founder of Fountain Gate Chapel Ministry, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, has established that the era in which pastors serve their congregations in a way that honors God is fast declining as so-called men of God these days have totally deviated from the creator’s purpose.

According to him, most modern-day pastors have ignored their divine purpose, thereby turning the church into an “entertainment-driven social organization” eager to blend in with secular cultures instead of focusing on biblical discipleship and the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Anaba who sounded bitter and worried about how such church leaders have failed to present the whole truth and teachings about the Gospel said most of these contemporary preachers have become “drama kings and queens”, using the church for all kinds of business.

“Immediately you see a yesterday’s pastor, your heart begins to beat because he carries the presence of God. The pastor of today is very different from the pastor of yesterday. Yesterday’s pastor was a simple man, a godly man and not a businessman. Yesterday’s pastor was not an entertainer or a drama acting personality. Yesterday’s pastor was connected to God. Yesterday’s church was powerful. It was not an entertainment theatre but God’s arena of divine performance. Yesterday’s church was a place where the glory of God filled the temple and was different. It was different from today,” he added.

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