There are alot of strange Ghanaian cultures that leave foriegners confused all the time. It feels good hearing foreigners say Ghanaians are very warm and hospitable. Ghana is very peaceful and welcoming. Its people are very kind but in every culture there are behaviours which are unacceptable. Learning about a country’s culture will help you relate better with the natives. No matter how kind Ghanaians are, some behaviours just get us on edge. One of these is the use of the left- hand to make any kind of gesture.


Ghanaians really get offended when someone makes gestures with the left hand. It considered very disrespectful because the left is referred to as the toilet hand. Most left handed Ghanaians have been forced to use their right hand. There is an assumption that you can’t be royal if you are left handed.

In case you used it mistakenly, you have to say “sorry for the left”. Traditionally, before the advent of the toilet and toilet paper, the left hand was used for cleaning after nature’s call and the right hand was reserved for eating food and interacting with others.

Therefore to show anyone apart from a sworn enemy your right hand is to deeply offend someone to the point of anger. Ghana, I hilariously tell my friends might be the only country with no left handed people.

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