The Ghanaian society is made up of different diverse tribes with each tribe having it’s own local dish. Let’s look at some of the major dishes and their tribes;

1.The Ashantis.

The people of the Ashanti Region have some of the most admired local dishes in Ghana of which some are:Fufu,3t)(mashed yam), ampesi (plantain and yam) with Nkontomire stew. This local dishes are all eaten by all Ghanaians across the country and even the globe. This have made it to be a national dish because it is enjoyed by all Ghanaian tribes.

2. Northeners

The people in the three northern regions in Ghana have the Housa kooko and Koose as one of their best local dishes. However every Ghanaian tribe now enjoy this local dish making it a Nationwide dish.

3. Voltarians

The people in the volta region of Ghana have banku and akpele as their local dishes and this dish is now enjoyed by every Ghanaian making it also a national dish.

4.The Nzemas

The people of Nzemaland as Nzema history recounts holds the only tribe in Ghana which her local dishes cannot be found in any part of the country and the world as a whole and they include ‘atuku’ and ‘aky3k3’.

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