The popular history of Christianity in Ghana

The popular history of Christianity in Ghana goes all the way to colonial times. Christianity forms part of Ghana’s culture. Religion is the belief in and the worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. (Oxford definition). Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana with approximately 71.2% of its population believing in the one true God who is Jesus Christ. Christianity is monotheistic as compared to other religions.


The early years of the Ghana empire were to see the beginnings of another of the great religions of the world. Roman Catholic and Anglican missionaries came to the Gold Coast(Ghana)in the 15th century.

Europeans who were embarking on a trade expedition, specifically Roman Catholic missionaries accompanying Portuguese traders. Since then missionaries have been coming into the country throughout the 20th century resulting in Christianity being the densely populated faith in Ghana.

It was the Basel and Wesleyan missionaries, however, who in the nineteenth century laid the foundation for the Christian church in Ghana. The influence of Christianity led to the establishment of schools, hospitals, social welfare among others.

Some Ghanaians believe Christianity has made us undermine our traditional values. Personally, I will say Christianity was an eye-opener to the indigenes of the land, it gave the natives of the land and opportunity to be educated.

After the orthodox churches existed for years, there was an uprise of pentecostalism. Rev. James Mckeown brought the Pentecostal movement to Ghana in the year 1953, the 21st of May prior to independence. Apostle Peter Newman Anim was the first person to speak in tongues which happened in Asamankese.

The 1980s saw the move of charismatism in Ghana. The first charismatic church in Ghana was the Christian action faith movement headed by the young Nicholas Duncan Williams (now Archbishop). Many youth got attracted to his church due to the remarkable liberal and spontaneous worship, miracles, healings, new style of preaching and Holy Spirit baptism that occurred there. The young Duncan Williams (now Archbishop) mentored and trained the likes of Bishops Dag Heward-Mills who was in the Music ministry, Rev. Ampiah Kwofie first pastor in charge of evangelism ministry, and Rev. George Abaka Johnson. The trail has been blazing on till now.

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