Often times, we misuse English words with the mentality that we are saying the right words, not knowing it is actually a bad grammar. There are cases where people get mocked because of their bad use of English.

Today, I will teach you how to correctly use certain English words and, I will be glad if you read through and study the outlined corrections carefully.

1. Incorrect: He is sick.

Correct: He is ill.

2. Incorrect: I have a strong headache.

Correct: I have a severe headache.

3. Incorrect: This is more preferable than that.

Correct: This is more preferable to that.

4. Incorrect: No less than fifty people were present.

Correct: No fewer than fifty people were present.

5. Incorrect: I want a little quantity of food.

Correct: I want a small quantity of food.

6. Incorrect: Your head is open.

Correct: Your head is bare or uncovered.

7. Incorrect: I enjoyed during the lockdown.

Correct: I enjoyed myself during the lockdown.

8. Incorrect: He took his girlfriend in the hand.

Correct: He took his girlfriend by the hand.

9. Incorrect: Many people have died from malaria.

Correct: Many people have died of malaria.

10. Incorrect: What is the time on your watch?

Correct: What is the time by your watch?

11. Incorrect: The answer of this question is complicated.

Correct: The answer to this question is complicated.

12. Incorrect: What is the difference of these two things?

Correct: What is the difference between these two things?

13. Incorrect: He is a liar and you are one too.

Correct: He is a liar and you too.

14. Incorrect: Don’t make the house out of order.

Correct: Don’t leave the house in a mess.

15. Incorrect: My pay cannot support my living.

Correct: My pay is not enough to live on.

16. Incorrect: Is there any place for me in the car?

Correct: Is there any room for me in the car?

17. Incorrect: He hit me strongly.

Correct: He hit me hard.

18. Incorrect: Leave me in peace!

Correct: Leave me alone!

19. Incorrect: What is the total sum?

Correct: How much does it come to?

20. Incorrect: Stop making noise.

Correct: Stop making a noise.

I’m glad to have you read my article up to this point. Also, I will outline the certain ways to responding to “How are you”, without sounding rude.

You can say;

1. I’m okay and doing really well.

2. I’m blessed and better than I deserve.

3. I am much better in the inside, thanks.

4. Very well, thanks.

Thank you for reading my article, please don’t forget to share it to your friends so that they can learn as well.

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